Aktiviteter i Thailand etter Kongens død

Skrevet av Pitcher .

Legger her en liste over aktiviteter som er blitt begrenset/kansellert og aktiviteter som går som normalt i Thailand etter Kongens død.
Dette er ikke en komplett liste, men viser de viktigste arrangementene frem til Nyttår.

Listen er på Engelsk, men burde være forståelig for de fleste.


  • Mourners will be allowed to pay their respects to the royal urn from Friday 28 October (The body of King Bhumibol is in a coffin nearby). A cremation pyre will be built on Sanam Luang. However, the cremation is not expected to take place until at least after one year
  • Outside of the metropolitan areas not all Thais are wearing black. The ones that are, said they will only wear for 30 days. Some for 1 year. Like I said before, tourists are not expected to wear black or white. Muted colors appreciated but not compulsory. Same with black ribbon.
  • Chiang Mai Yi Peng Lantern Festival at Tha Phae Gate on 13-15 November is NOT cancelled now, though there will be no music or entertainment
  • People can organise weddings, ordinations and sporting events, but no music or entertainment
  • Nightclubs are allowed to open and sell beer, but they mustn’t organize any special activities or play loud music. Basically, they are allowed to continue as long as they keep it behind close doors and are respectful.
  • People are allowed to organize weddings, ordinations and sporting events, but no music and entertainment.
  • Shows aimed at tourists are all open as normal, this includes Siam Niramit, Alcazar Cabaret, Tiffany’s Show, Calypso, Muay Thai Live etc.
  • Loy Krathong is allowed to take place on 14th November, but music and entertainment is not allowed
  • Cinemas, ice rinks, zoos, tourist attractions are all open as normal. Night markets in Bangkok opened as normal at the weekend
  • Places like Dream World and Safari World are open as normal, though the parade at Dream World is cancelled for 30 days
  • In Chiang Mai, the famous Night Bazaar and Walking Street opened as well.
  • Shopping malls are all open as normal. Local markets in Chinatown, Pratunam, and Bo Bae were all packed over the weekend. Chatuchak Weekend Market was open as well, but as shops are individually owned, some chose not to open as they wanted to go to the Grand Palace. We expect them to be fully open next weekend.
  • The Temple of the Emerald Buddha and The Grand Palace is closed to tourists until at least 20th October. However, you are allowed to go and pay respects to his portrait (if you are wearing black) at the Sa­hathai Sa­makhom Hall in the Grand Palace be­tween 8.30am & 4pm. Starting from 28 October, the public can pay respects to King Bhumibol’s urn in the Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall from 9am-4pm
  • Every other temple around the country is open as normal. This includes the historical parks in Ayutthaya and Sukhothai.
  • Dinner Cruises on Chaophraya River are continuing though they won’t play any music and will dim the lights


  • Loy Krathong Sai Lai Prathip Phan Duang Festival in Tak has been cancelled
  • Sukhothai Loy Krathong and Candle Festival, scheduled for 10-14 November, has been cancelled
  • Asia’s First Ever All-Girl Battle of the Bands Competition, scheduled for 21-23 October, has been postponed
  • Full Moon Party cancelled on 17th October
  • Hellfire Pass Memorial and Walking Trail will be closed from 14-16 October
  • The Sound of Heritage concert scheduled for 21 October is cancelled
  • Lumpinee Boxing Stadium and other Muay Thai rings in Bangkok are closed for one month. Lumpinee will re-open on 15th November
  • Bangkok Street Show, scheduled for 10-12 December has been postponed
  • Pattaya International Fireworks Festival, scheduled for 25-26 November, has been cancelled
  • The Illuminated Boat Procession, scheduled for 9-17 October, has been cancelled
  • Naga Fireball World Festival in Nong Khai, scheduled for 15-24 October, has been cancelled
  • Bangkok International Festival of Dance and Music is cancelled
  • Morrissey Live in Bangkok scheduled for 18 October is cancelled
  • Scorpions 50th Anniversary Tour, scheduled for 26 October, is cancelled
  • Pattaya Loy Krathong Festival, scheduled for 25-26 November, is cancelled
  • New Year celebrations in Pattaya are cancelled